High-tech Law Firm


Marcia Y. Phillips, Esq., L.L.M. & Associates, L.L.C. is advancing the practice of law by applying the latest technologies to improve quality and efficiency.   We manage complex litigation by using state of the art technology.  An Online Portal gives clients unprecedented access to documents, calendar information, important issues & questions, and task lists.  A Document Management & Review system enables us to manage large volumes of documents efficiently.  Finally cases are managed with predefined lists of Issues, Questions, Tasks & Forms.  This is essentially a checklist of everything that needs to happen on a case.  These technologies not only enhance efficiencies; they also minimize costs. Those savings are passed on to the customer.

Online Portal

Receive status updates, access documents and monitor events all in one convenient place. To access this system, you simply need to become a client and log into our website.


Document Management & Review

Our resident data scientist is responsible for managing our litigation support and text-mining system, which enables us to locate and manage information stored in voluminous documents, by using a variety of analytical and graphical methods.

Auto-summarize using Natural Language Processing and statistical models enable us to pare down complex documents into concise summaries.  These time saving technologies enable our attorneys to sift through mountains of information to find the needle in the haystack in a fraction of the time.




Issues, Questions, Tasks & Forms.

All cases essentially boil down to issues and questions; the key is ensuring that you have the right ones.  We electronically manage a list of issues and questions and make it available to the client; this enables clients to monitor the status of their case in real time. Our custom forms enable us to automatically transform this information into a document.

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