Complex Litigation

Philadelphia and South Jersey Complex Litigation Attorneys

Whether your business is large or small, it is nearly impossible to avoid legal challenges at some time or another. When you are involved in a contract dispute, disputes with employees over practices or involved in a dispute with a regulatory agency, you need assistance from an attorney who can deal with a whole range of issues to represent you.

Business Issues Can Be Costly

In addition to being costly in terms of needing to fight against litigation, the cost to your business may go beyond paying attorney fees. Damage to your business reputation can cost customers as well as future business. The primary goal should always be to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, issues cannot be easily resolved between the involved parties and this could require taking legal steps to address the issues in court. This means you need a tough-minded attorney who has a firm grasp on business issues.

Contracts and Agreements

When you have contracts with other businesses and they breach that contract, you need relief. In addition to the short-term costs to your business, a breach of contract can cost you long-term business when news of a failure to deliver goods or services is spread in the community. We handle a vast array of contract issues including breach of contract.

Employment agreements and non-compete agreements are sometimes necessary when you are running a business. When someone breaks the terms of those agreements, they must be held accountable. At Marcia Y. Phillips, Esq. LLM & Associates, LLC we can help you litigate these contracts in court.

Business litigation is never easy and when you need to sue another business or person for breach of contract or you have been notified you are being sued, contact Marcia Y. Phillips, Esq. LLM & Associates, LLC immediately at (856) 282-1100. We will work hard to help protect the interests of your business through any type of litigation.

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