General Practice

Philadelphia and South Jersey General Practice Attorneys

Family Law

Families often need help with a variety of issues ranging from minor disputes to divorce. In these cases, you need a compassionate legal partner who can address your questions and concerns and help you through the legal process. When you are dealing with family, there are a number of times when you may need the help of a family lawyer including dealing with custody issues, restraining orders and visitation rights. Having an advocate when you go into court who can represent your interests is imperative; not only will your attorney be looking out for your rights, but they can also answer your questions throughout the process.

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Wills & Estate Planning

While many believe that only the very wealthy need to draft a will, the truth is that anyone who wishes to control how their assets are divided upon their death should have a written will clearly explaining their wishes.

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Property, Zoning & Landlord-Tenant Law

Owning property is a major commitment and too often, there can be disputes between property owners, tenants and even zoning boards. When this happens, you need a real estate attorney to assist you with resolving these issues.

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Municipal Law & Traffic Court

Municipal courts handle a variety of charges including driving violations for speeding, driving under the influence and shoplifting charges. When you are charge with any of these seemingly minor violations, you may not understand that not fighting these charges are the same as pleading guilty meaning you could have a life-long record. In addition, traffic tickets can result in points being added to your driving license, an increase in insurance premiums and over time, can result in the loss of your driver’s license.

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Discrimination & Employment Law

All companies in New Jersey who employ one or more persons are subject to New Jersey laws regarding discrimination in the workplace. In Philadelphia, any employer who has four or more employees is subject to Philadelphia laws. In both cases, these rules apply to age of employees, race, religion, sex of an employee and mental or physical disability. Employees who feel they were unfairly treated in hiring, promotion or firing have the right to seek assistance from an employment attorney who understands the state rules as well as the rules set forth by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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