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When you register your child in school you expect their personal information is kept private and that they will be safe while on school grounds. While children may not have as many rights as adults do, they do have the right to be treated fairly in school. When your child is being bullied, his/her freedom to speak is being squashed or they are being subjected to unfair treatment, a school law attorney can help.

All across the United States, parents have a desire to ensure their children are properly educated as well as taken care of while they are in the care of school teachers and administrators. While they may be children, they still have certain rights while they are on school grounds and getting an education. Sometimes, there are issues that arise that may require the assistance of an attorney who understands education law.

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Student Privacy Rights

Students have the right to have the information their school holds in their records kept private. While teachers may share information with other teachers, the information cannot be shared with outside parties without written authorization. Philadelphia and New Jersey also have laws against random drug testing in the schools.

Free Speech Rights

Children do not forfeit their rights under the U.S. Constitution just because they are minors. Children have the right to their own beliefs and this includes refusal to say the Pledge of Allegiance with their schoolmates, wearing shirts that make specific statements (if the school has no dress code) and the right to express their beliefs in writing or verbally provided it is not disrupting to the class they are attending.

Student Bullying

Your child has a right to feel safe in school and when they are being bullied, parents have a right to ask the school to speak with the offender. In some cases, parents may need to take legal action to protect the rights of their own child.

School law can be very complex and there are a number of issues including privacy, free speech, bullying and school choice where parents and students have certain rights that are being violated. If you or your child is facing challenges with their school, call Marcia Y. Phillips, Esq. LLM & Associates, LLC immediately at (856) 282-1100 and discuss the issues and we will help you determine the best way to proceed.

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